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What Is Incognito Mode?

What Is Incognito Mode?

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When the average internet user hears the word "incognito", they imagine absolute privacy to access the internet and not have their activities monitored. In an era where everyone is suddenly conscious about their data and how it's used, incognito sounds like salvation. Incognito Mode is a staple feature in most browsers, with some other applications even making provision for private web surfing. I do believe that a lot of internet users overestimate the capability of incognito mode to protect their data and privacy.


Incognito mode majorly ensures that your browsing history and activities are not saved to your browser or application, in some browsers or applications, you will still be able to download and/or save bookmarks which will reflect after you close incognito mode. Most importantly incognito mode doesn't mean your browsing activities CANNOT be tracked. Your network/ISP (internet service provider) has access to your browsing activities because they're the window through which you're able to have access to the internet. The website or digital platforms (and advertisers that are linked to these platforms) will be able to track your activities on their platform, they will also know you visited them.

delta-wings-62833_1280.jpg INCOGNITO MODE ISN'T STEALTH MODE

Incognito mode isn't exactly the stealth mode it's perceived to be, when people think stealth mode, they're probably thinking of something sneaky like an advanced spy jet that sneaks into places without anyone knowing and leaves without a trace of its presence nor trails that show it's absence. Incognito mode in reality is just like when a kid takes his/her dad's car for a joy ride, doesn't stay out long, refuels the vehicle, cleans her up and makes it look like the car was never used. Sure the car won't tell daddy what happened because the car doesn't remember (except it's a Tesla), however, your neighbour, the police officer that gave you a parking ticket and the cool places you visited (that have CCTV) can remember what you did.


Incognito mode doesn't shield you from nefarious internet activities, the best advice for people who want to play pranks on the internet with the incognito mode is DON'T. Incognito mode is better suited to scenarios when you want to surf the internet, visit some interesting (😉) platforms without having to worry about your browser history logging it, especially when you have several devices with synced history and you don't want anyone finding out what you did with your happy hour.

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